"Punta del Diablo"

“Punta del Diablo” is a coastal region that is in the North West coast of Uruguay.
It has beautiful beaches for surfing or swimming. There are also beaches to rest for a while.
On your way to the place, there is the famous “Punta del Diablo Camping”, a very attractive place to stay for a week doing very interesting activities.
Punta del Diablo centre is small but wonderful. There you can eat an ice-cream, drink something, buy a present, see shows, or eat very special sea-food.
In Punta del Diablo there are many small cabins or big houses to rent because many people visit the place.
The weather is very sunny and hot in summer, but in winter it's freezing and windy.
Punta del Diablo’s foods and drinks are amazing but expensive. In general you can eat whatever you want.
Visit Punta del Diablo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report for PAULA magazine:

If you are invited to someone’s house in my country, there are some things you should remember to do…
In Uruguay you don’t need to be punctual or earlier, you always have to arrive around the hour that you are invited.
Flowers are an ideal present for your host, it doesn’t matter the colour.
It’s a good idea to act like everybody, don't call people’s attention.
You have to enter into conversation, be natural.
You should avoid wearing formal clothes, only if your host requires you.
During the meal you can talk about whatever you want, in general people talk about funny and stupid things to stay happy. You can eat what you want, it doesn’t matter if the plate is not empty, but you must say: “muy rico todo”.
The most important thing to do in a party, in a meeting, or in a meal is “pasarla bien”

Now, you're going to be able to read some letters and e-mails!!!

From: Rulo
To: Pablo

Hi Pablo,

Some friends told me that you are looking at a mobile phone to buy. What about going to the shopping centre next Friday evening?
I can help you to choose one if you want.
If you agree, we can meet at the shopping centre’s main entrance.



Dear Diego,

Hello!!! I received your letter two days ago. You asked me about my fauvorite TV programmes. I watch many funny and interesting programmes but my fauvorite one is “The Simpsons”. It’s about an American family that has a “normal life”. It makes me laugh, and the best character of the series is Homer. He is a stupid man, that makes many funny things. I also watch other kinds of TV programmes like CSI, NCIS, etc. I watch them because they are in English and I can improve my studies, and because there are very good programmes.

Now, tell me about yours!!!



Dear Claudia,

Sorry for missing the class on Wednesday. I can’t be there because I have a running competition that day.
I can study the next 4 pages of the book that I didn’t do. What do you think?
Yours sincerely,


Dear Lucia,

Hi!!! Thanks for your last letter. You asked me about the type of clothes I like wearing . I love wearing casual baggy clothes. There’re very comfortable!!! I usually wear t-shirts and trousers, but when the weather isn't very well, I prefer wearing long-sleeved t-shirts with some trousers and a baggy jacket.
You also asked me about shopping for clothes. I enjoy shopping for clothes only when I need some. I hate having clothes that I don’t wear. It’s very bad. What do you think of my opinion?

Write back!!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here we have a story:

One day…

I was in my grandparents’ hause playing footbal with my brother. After a while, we started to get tired and we went inside the house to rest and to drink some water.

Later, that afternoon, we went out to the garden again to play with our grandparents’ dog, who is called “Raisor”. Immedeatly, we saw that a man was stealing somebodies car in the street!!! I told my brother to go into de house to tell my grandparents what was happening and I opened the garden’s door. Immediately Raisor started to bark and then he went to the street and he bit the man in the leg. He couldn’t escape. In that moment, my grandparents and my brother went out of the house and came to the street with me and Raisor. It all happened so quickly!!! After some minutes, the owner of the car appeard. We were surprised when we discovered that the owner of the car was “Francisco Nante”. He congratulated us for stopping the criminal and he gave us some autographs. We never saw him again!!!